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3 Indoor Crafts to do this Winter

We live in Minnesota, gardening zone 4. Growing seasons are short, but we can do all sorts of planning and prep inside! I have twin 4 year olds, so they’ll probably “help” me with these, but they’re totally fun for adults too! Here are 3 projects you can work on this winter.

Indoor fairy garden

I see them all over our city during the summer months, tucked away at the base of a tree or in a garden bed. But this winter we are going to try building one in a shallow pot. Bachmans, Gertens and Mother Earth Gardens has some great little house plants you can create a jungle for your fairies to play in. There are a ton of ideas for designs on Pinterest. I’ll post our finished product after we make it! You’ll need a shallow pot, potting soil, small indoor plants, moss, pebbles, and fairies. Fun additions: Tiny structures like a bench or garden arch. Here is a neat tray for fairy gardens.


Build an Insect House

This is something I’m really looking forward to this winter! I’m going to build an insect house this winter for our backyard, and I’ll be sure to post the results when it’s done!

Insect Houses provide habitat for nesting insects like bees. They offer an opportunity to teach children about biodiversity and how balanced ecosystems work.

You’ll need:

Bamboo sticks (They sell them in garden stores)

A saw (to cut the bamboo)

Something to hold the bamboo together (Bark, string, fabric, wood)


Pinecone Bird feeder

My girls made some bird feeders at school and thought it was so fun to watch the birds (and subsequently squirrels) eat from their feeders. It’s fun for adult too! You only need:

Pine cones

Peanut Butter

Bird Seed

Twine or String


I hope you’ll try some of the ideas I listed here. I am going to try them all this winter with my 4 year old twins and I’ll be sure to post the results on our Instagram and social media! If you try them, be sure to tag @sacredspacegardensmn so I can see!