3 Reasons to Garden with Chickens

Chickens have been a garden companion since the dawn of time (don’t look up that fact, I made it up) But really…Chickens are a great addition to any urban or rural yard. They have the obvious benefits of providing eggs and meat to humans, but did you know that they also help keep our gardens healthy?


Here are 3 Reasons to Garden with Chickens:

  1. Pest Control
    Chickens are insectivores – They eat pest that plague the veggies you’re trying to grow. They also eat ticks!
  2. Good Fertilizer – Chicken manure adds organic matter and increases the water holding capacity and increases beneficial soil life. It also provides Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium to you plants, more than other manures. Follow safety precautions when using it with edible food. **Don’t use fresh manure when growing food (Perennials are fine). Allow it to compost completely before adding. If you want to use fresh manure, Add it into the soil in the fall for spring planting. It will have time to work into the soil and compost. Wait until all vegetables have been harvested before adding it to the soil.
  3. They clean your yard – Not only are they eating bugs, but they eat weeds and fallen fruit that can rot and attract maggots.

There are many books about raising chickens and I’d suggest starting with this book If you’re just toying with the idea. And this book If you are ready to start your flock.

Ready to order your spring Chicks? A good local resource (Twin Cities, Minnesota) is Eggplant Farm Supply. They are opening their Chick Orders up February 2021.

In need of help setting up a Coop?

My crew and I are offering Chicken Coop Installations for the first time this year! I am an experienced chicken keeper and would love to help you start your flock off on the right foot.

Our coop installations can include:

-Assessing the site, developing a budget and plan

-Installing custom chicken coop

-Landscaping Design and Installation for around the coop (If you’d like)

-Assist in buying your flock

-Buying and delivering chicken feed, materials, bedding, and supplements for healthy, happy birds

–Buying and delivering chicken feed, materials, bedding, and supplements for healthy, happy birds

We would love to connect with you to go over your ideas, and then send you an estimate.