A blend of Wild and Tame

Our client, Lisa, presented us with a wildflower space that had gone to the weeds. She had various places in her yard that needed attention.

-We cleaned up the wildflower area and added a stepping stone path and re-did her garden along the fence line

-Planted a Northern Redbud tree and a Royal Raindrops Crabapple tree

-Created 2 raised garden beds for her herbs and veggies

She had wood from her old house that she requested we use for the raised beds. Then we filled them with organic potting mix. To reduce cost, instead of hauling dirt off site we had to move it to various places on the property. Another challenge was identifying which plants to dig up and move to create the path. She had many beautiful plants that she couldn’t see because they were deep in the weeds, so another challenge was making sure the path went in a way that she could admire her plants!

Challenges of this project included digging and leveling a stepping stone path in the wildflower area.

  • We created a walking path with limestone steppers so she could better enjoy the beautiful plants she had planted (before we worked on her garden).
  • We had so much fun working on this project because she wanted to encourage pollinators, native plants and wildlife. Which aligns with our values as well.
  • She chose to have us dig down an edging in the grass vs. stone or plastic edging. So the mulch just meets the grass. She decided that another year she might want stone edging.

Redbud tree in the side garden

Coral Bells



Prepping area for raised beds. Removed the grass, leveled, laid paper bags, then mulch, then raised beds then added organic soil to beds

Edging, weeding, moving plants