FAll Planter

We take pride in creating beautiful gardens and planters for our clients. To us, every project is an opportunity to teach and encourage a love for the natural world. Our clients care about sustainable gardening, but don’t have either the time or knowledge to create or maintain these spaces on their own. Whether you’re looking for a safe place for your children to play, a beautiful habitat that will attract pollinators and wildlife, or the opportunity to grow your own food, we can help you make your garden your own sacred space to enjoy!

Our Philosophy

Our signature style is naturalistic and informal with a perfect blend of wild and tame to showcase nature at it’s finest. We focus on primarily planting native plants, that are adapted to our local conditions and require less maintenance and water to thrive. They also attract pollinators and provide habitat for birds and other wildlife. We use sustainable gardening practices including chemical-free management of weeds and pests, and we believe in building soil naturally without the use of synthetic fertilizers.

What to Expect

Once you connect with one of our team members you will be advised which service to book. Whether it be an Estimate for an installation or maintenance, a Garden Coaching Session or Garden Design Consultation. Then you'll be added to the schedule. After your initial appointment we will walk you through each next step. We can't wait to hear your garden goals!

Meet the Team

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Our Crew


“My pollinator garden was overgrown and lacked definition. Maddie and her crew came in and made paths, mulched and created the wavy outside curve I had envisioned. Everyone was friendly and hardworking. I felt like they really cared about my space. I appreciated that Maddie would work with a design plan I had and we added our own ideas. She checked in with me each day as we made decisions together. This was a jumpstart for me to enjoy my garden again.”