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From the Planet to your Pocket: The Benefits of Partnering with Environmental Franchises

An eco-friendly franchise caters to a symbiotic relationship with the Earth and the people calling it home. There’s a passion for sustainability, and the modern consumer is eager to support a business that prioritizes the environment’s well-being. 

As an environmental franchise owner, you will discover newfound fulfillment in your work, and there are significant benefits to going green. 

Some benefits look good on paper, while others feel good inside. 

From the planet- to the people- to your pockets- here’s how caring for our climate positively impacts the entire ecosystem of business and how it has undoubtedly influenced the success of our sustainable gardening franchise

Sustainability makes people smile. 

Environmentally friendly business practices create connections between the goods or services offered and the consumer on the other end. These consumers are taking a far more active role in ensuring the companies they support are beacons of sustainability. 

Green businesses continue to find higher levels of success due to the natural pathos of ‘doing something good’ and ‘making a difference.’ 

So much so that, according to a report from The Business of Sustainability Index:

66% of US consumers and 80% of millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable products/services versus a less sustainable competitor. 

In partnering with an eco-friendly franchise, you’re giving yourself an immediate, measurable advantage. 


Eco-Friendly Franchise vs. Self Start-Up


An eco-friendly franchise sets the stage for early support and long term success. 

Creating an environmentally-friendly business model from scratch is complicated, regardless of what industry said business falls under. Opting to partner with an already-established, eco-friendly franchise is highly beneficial compared to self start-up. 

Like our sustainable gardening franchise, common headaches and hardships of self-start-up are eliminated, making it far easier for you to focus on connections with your consumers and quality of work. 

By choosing to franchise over a start-up, you will eliminate the following:

  • The difficult sourcing of eco-friendly supplies, materials, etc. 
  • The challenge of creating an eco-friendly business model from the ground up.
  • The following challenge of marketing said model: the franchise is an already established figure in the world of eco-conscious businesses!
  • The challenge of implementing the model with little to no support. 

Our eco-friendly franchise gives you a dedicated support system, hands-on training, and the “Sacred Space” name, a name that has impacted our amazing customers and beautiful planet through our climate-wise gardening practices


The Admirable Benefits of Environmental Franchises


Our climate needs all the help it can get. Businesses have the most distinguished impact on emissions, natural wildlife habitats, and all else relating to climate change. With that, to negate the negative impacts of business on the environment, there’s no room to be anything other than sustainable

  1. Capitalize On The Two Definitions of Sustainability

When you talk about ‘sustainability’ in business, there are two definitions that are directly related. 

There’s sustainability concerning the environment, as in:

The business practices and resulting products/services do not deplete the world of natural resources, do not harm the environment, and set the stage for a brighter future (both economically and environmentally). 

And then there’s sustainability in the business itself, as in:

The assurance that the business will thrive and continue to find/maintain success over the long term. 

An eco-friendly franchise ensures that the first form of sustainability enhances the second. By practicing sustainability, a business eliminates any chance of negative stigma surrounding the subject, building customer trust, and appreciation. 

If the public discovers a company is harming the environment, there are negative implications to follow. Just look at the negative PR on these companies hurting the environment


Sustainable practices do not deplete the Earth of natural resources; with that, there’s no fear of a sudden depletion causing a halt in producing goods or services. For example, a company run primarily by solar won’t feel the monetary impacts of natural gas depletion versus those without a renewable energy option. 

Or, for a more personal example, our green landscaping franchise isn’t worried about a production halt in a commercial pesticide due to sourcing or chemical scarcity! We don’t need it! 

And then, of course, there’s increased sustainability of your business due to greater support of consumers who are, and will continue to be, eco-conscious with their purchases. When you practice sustainability, people stand behind you, ensuring you’re structured for the long haul. 


Consumer Support


Let’s talk about that consumer support a bit more. Let us play off the saying ‘we are what we eat’, and change that to ‘we are the products and services we use’. 

If a consumer actively chooses to work with a business, they contribute to its practices and products. 

When that business isn’t practicing sustainability, neither is the consumer. 

Consumers like to feel involved, as, in reality, they are your business. They feel connected to the fact that, by choosing you, they are doing their part for the environment, too. And like we said before, consumers aren’t just willing to pay more for those services; they’re more likely to choose your business in the first place! 

When a business promotes eco-conscious practices, so is the consumer, which resonates on a deeper, intrinsic level. 

Consumer Health


An eco-friendly franchise focuses on the health of our planet and, therefore, the people’s health. 

We don’t use harmful chemicals in our sustainable gardens; with that, there’s no chance of these chemicals leaching into the vegetables soon to be enjoyed by the families we work with. 

And this is just one example of many, many others. An eco-friendly maid service, for example, that doesn’t clean households with dangerous compounds ensures no harmful free radicals enter the air and lungs. 

Or an environmentally friendly transportation company that doesn’t contribute to damaging levels of pollutants in the air thanks to an electric vehicle fleet. (A future goal for Sacred Space Gardens!)

When joining an eco-friendly franchise, you’re showing potential customers that you care about them and their health, significantly contributing to customer satisfaction and retention. 


Passion & Fulfillment in Your Work


Does the idea of discovering genuine passion within your work sound too good to be true? For many, it’s a pipe dream. But one definitive way to turn a dream into reality is to join an eco-friendly franchise opportunity. 

Eco-friendly business practices mean those that do not harm the environment and the public’s health. That should make you really proud to do what you do. 

Our franchisees do more than create beautiful gardens with our sustainable gardening services. They create gardens that directly give back to our Earth’s natural habitats, and in doing so, contribute to a healthier world for all. 

Doing good feels good, and it’s easy to maintain motivation in your work. You’ll soon discover a type of fulfillment only recognizable when an entrepreneurial endeavor leads to enhanced health for our planet and people. 

Plus, the customers we work for possess the same eco-friendly values. Working with like-minded individuals while teaching our love for sustainability is extremely enjoyable. 


Employee Satisfaction


Ask any business owner lately, and there’s a good chance that staffing is a current issue. Ask any eco-friendly franchise owner, and they probably won’t say the same!

When your business is sustainable, you not only connect with potential consumers on an emotional, arguably spiritual level (people take this stuff seriously!). But you also connect with the potential employees who make your business what it is! 

Eco Friendly Garden Team

It’s not only easier to attract potential employees, as people are eager to find the same levels of fulfillment in their work that we talked about above. But it’s easier to keep those employees, too!

When your workforce knows you’re doing all you can to best serve the climate and the people with safe, healthy practices, they feel safe as your employee. Thus, they’ll want to stay your employee. 

They trust your business is sustainable for the long-term, they know that their health is not compromised due to cost-cutting and the use of dangerous chemicals, and they will be a powerful, cheerful voice to your business. 


The Bigger Picture: Profitability


Let’s be honest; profitability matters. When you tie all of these benefits together, there’s one final advantage that makes all the difference:


Your success as an eco-friendly franchise owner is a natural result of many positive implications for the people you serve and the Earth. With that, there’s a much greater potential for profitability. 

All the worries from the past, such as how eco-friendly practices/materials cost more on the expense side, are shunned. The support and the community you build offsets any worry regarding increased cost, and any gap is quickly filled by the public’s desire to work with sustainable businesses. 

If you’re interested in reaping the rewards of becoming an eco-friendly franchise owner with Sacred Space Gardens, fill out the form at the bottom of our gardening franchise page. We’ll be in touch to talk about all the amazing details!