Learn to Grow Microgreens

Grow fresh, nutrient dense, Microgreens at home! It’s easy, and fun to have something green in your windowsill all winter long.

Check out this quick video I made to show you how quick and simple it is to grow them. We grow them at our urban farm, Northland Farm, but in the video I am showing you how to grow them, in a window sill at home.



Supplies Used:

The trays are ‘Driscoll’ Strawberry and blackberry lids.

The seeds we have are from Kitazawa and Johnnys Seeds. If I want to buy smaller amounts, locally, I go to Eggplant Farm Supply.

I used Coconut Coir as the growing medium, but a good quality, fine, potting soil is fine too.

*Pro-Tip: To avoid mold from growing in your greens, be sure to clean everything very thoroughly before seeding. I wash the trays with dish soap and water, spray down all the surfaces I am about to use with an alcohol solution, and water from the bottom. So if your tray is on a plate, pour a little water into the plate and let the soil soak it up.

Thanks for checking out my video about growing Microgreens and I hope you will start growing them in your window sills! Be sure to tag @sacredspacegardens on Social so I can see what you’ve got growing!

Not interested in growing them yourself? No problem, check out @northlandfarm and sign up for their weekly Microgreens delivery at www.northlandfarmmn.com