Replacing Raised Beds

Our Client, Lesley, presented us with a raised bed that had a thistle forest growing in it. She said they used to grow lots of food in there. She requested new raised beds that were higher up and a stable footing underneath. She also had us do lots of work all around her yard, planting, weeding, removing landscape fabric and laying Coco-Mulch.

The biggest challenge of this project was removing the railroad ties that were three layers deep into the ground and had rebar sticking even deeper into the ground! Whoever built these did not want them removed! ha. She decided on using baseball aggregate for the little patio underneath the beds and it ended up really neat! Sturdy, affordable and good looking. We had fun finding the plants she requested, as she is an avid gardener she had some specific requests.

  • Baseball aggregate (crushed limestone) is a great patio substrate but things that have pointy feet (like chairs) will sink into it. This was the first time we had ever worked with it and the edge, as you may see ended up a tiny bit wavy. If I were to do this again I want to lay a stone edging, although more expensive, it would eliminate the wave.
  • Coco-mulch smells like, well, cocoa and it is beautiful.
  • We laid paper down underneath the mulch to reduce weed pressure and followed up with another weeding later in the season and had little to no weeds where the paper was laid.
  • She ordered those new raised beds from Gardeners Supply Company

This is the thistle forest I referred to