Wildflowers and Grasses

Our client Emily presented us with an area of her yard that she wanted to have us weed out the “Horse grass” as she called it…It’s a grass that is very invasive and large. Along with other more invasive weeds. She had already planted many beautiful native plants and asked that we add more native perennials to fill in areas that were mostly weeds.

This was a fun project, we planted: Blazing Star, Butterfly Weed, False Indigo, Rudebeckia, Yarrow, a few different types of grasses, Coreopsis and many more.

  • When there are open areas of soil there are more opportunity for weeds
  • Plant native perennials to encourage pollinators, plus they will thrive because they are suited to our climate.
  • Lay think paper and mulch to discourage weed pressure and increase moisture retention for the new plants
  • She fenced off the area to stop deer and rabbits from eating her blueberry bush and new plants